Who has never dreamed of discovering this unknown world that is evoked in terms of abysses, caves, caverns?
A land of adventure, the cave asks a thousand and one questions. How does the bat make its way in the dark? How are stalactites formed? Is the water pure?
Caving, a sport but also a science, will allow you to understand this rich and fragile environment.


About 3 hours.


All year round


Beginners to advanced (we adapt the cave to your level)


Minimum 10 persons

Caudon site

Cave accessible to the greatest number, this horizontal cavity will let you evolve without great difficulty. You will crawl a few times or you will have to show a little flexibility to get through a narrower passage.preuve de un peu de souplesse pour franchir un passage étroit.preuve de un peu de souplesse pour franchir un passage étroit.

Grolejac site

Cave classified level 1, this cave will make you discover without difficulty the pleasures of caving. And don't hesitate to ask your instructor questions, he will be happy to share the secrets of these invisible places with you.

Equipment provided

We offer class I cavities that require little equipment:
Helmet + Lighting are provided.


Monitoring by a monitor State patent.

Caving Rates


Activity Duration Adult Child Solar / Holiday Centre Group Staff
From initiation to improvement 3h 30€ 30€ Contact us Contact us Min. 10 pers.