Frequently Asked Questions

The FAQs below will provide you with answers to most of the questions you may have.

Is the river difficult?
The Dordogne is classified as level 1, meaning that it is easy with courses that do not present any difficulty.
This river is accessible to beginners.
Is it compulsory to know how to swim?
Yes, you must be able to swim 25 meters and know how to submerge yourself.
Before your departure, you will be given a life jacket that you must wear.
What clothes should I wear?
You must adapt your clothing to the weather and the season.
On sunny days, remember to take sunscreen, sunglasses and a hat / cap to avoid sunstroke.
Beware of the risk of hydrocution and especially take water with you.
We recommend that you wear shoes that are securely fastened to your feet.
Can we get three in a canoe?
In a canoe, you can go up to a maximum of 2 or 3 people.
If you have young children and according to our opinion, you can go up to 4 people, with the two small children sitting in the middle seat.
Can we take our dog?
It is possible to take your dog aboard your canoe, provided that you do not overload the boat and do not tie the dog to the canoe.
Can we stop along the way?
You can stop wherever you want on the banks as long as you don't leave any rubbish and as long as you respect the place.
Can we take his camera, his camera?
If you want to take pictures along the course or film then we recommend that you rent a waterproof container.
For an extra 2 € you can take your cameras, car keys, etc. with you to a safe place.
Can we take children for a hike?
Children can accompany their parents on a hike but they must be old enough to sit up and be able to withstand 3 or more days of hiking.
Can we camp by the river?
We advise you not to bivouac on the banks of the Dordogne because the level of this river is regulated by hydroelectric dams. Therefore releases can be made at any time, causing danger to people on the beaches.
Do we have to book the camping site or the hotel?
We strongly advise you to book the campsite or hotel you have chosen to spend your night. Indeed, the establishments can sometimes be full so booking a few days before your hike will save you from sleeping under the bridge!
Do you provide camping equipment?
We do not provide tents or mattresses so if you choose camping accommodation you must bring your own equipment. And every day you carry your camping equipment in your canoe (we provide waterproof containers).
Who's carrying our luggage?

With the camping tour formula you carry your equipment in the canoe yourself (see previous question).
If you choose hotel accommodation then ask the hotelier if he can take care of the transfer of your luggage to the next stage. Most hoteliers provide this service for an extra charge.

Where can we get our food?

You will find a grocery store in the villages where you stop each evening.
For those who choose to sleep in a hotel, you can ask the hotelier if he prepares picnic baskets.
During the last stage, between Vitrac and Beynac, you will find various points along the river for food and refreshments, such as snacks.