Business tourism

For all your business tourism requests, Destination Périgord Loisirs and Périgord Evénement will satisfy you with the many services they offer.

Both designers and project managers, we are the builders of all your stays. It is our passion for our land and our profession that has shaped our know-how.
Our field of intervention is based around Sarlat and the Black Perigord.
Our knowledge of this terroir has enabled us to create a range of original and well-functioning products: from half a day to your stay.

Our task revolves around:

- The conception of the event and its scenario according to your requirements
- The search for service providers who fit in with the logic of the concept
- The development of communication documents, coordination of follow-up.
- The search for partners and advertisers
- Contacts with the press
- Follow-up and follow-up with prescribers and clients
- Coordination of the setting up and management of the event.

Development of the concept

It is unimaginable to conceive your animation by sticking end to end the activities that our providers offer us.
- In the design of all the events we develop, the selected workshops are part of the concept and the scenario that has been defined.
- The conception of a scenario is a professional and artistic know-how that requires a long work of research and development.


Périgord Événement is a platform of service providers that covers all the logistics necessary to organize all your projects.